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The History of our home.....Pioneering the way of Home Stays in Chamba.


One of the oldest and finest home stays in a hamlet called Kut-Chadiara in the Panj-La Valley perched mid-way up a steep terraced slope at 1325 meters above sea level. Surrounded by organic farm and forest, Orchard Hut offers a bird’s eye view of the mighty River Saal in the valley below and is a 30 minute climb from road.

Himalayan Orchard Hut is the home of an environmentalist extended family, offering food and accommodation to those wishing to experience true village life. The house is made of clay and wood in traditional fashion and offers neat, clean and basic rooms with verandas overlooking the hills and valley. There are either single or double rooms or alternatively tents on the hill terraces. Rooms are en suite with western bathroom providing running hot and cold water. The delicious food provided includes rare traditional dishes famous from the time of the King’s rule in Chamba District. The food is prepared with seasonal organic produce from our organic farm. It mainly consists on Indian cuisine with options for catering to the western tastes as well. Pure drinking water comes directly from our springs. We offer a tranquil setting to relax and rejuvenate your self after the stresses, strains and pollution of urban life. You will treasure your memories of your time here forever.


HOW IT ALL BEGAIN.....Before the 1990's villagers had to leave their family villages in hopes of finding work in the bigger cities of India. Unfortunatly this trend left the cultivated land to become barren as well as their families to survive on their own. Where as the district of Chamba in HImachal Pradash remained rich in history, art, culture, scenic beauty and villages that stayed and lived off their land. This provided an oppertuinity to showcase the real hospitality that this region has since the states time.

An environmentalist and nature lover Prakash Chand Dhami always thought his home state would be a wonderful place to start some sort of hospitality services as well as doing something about the sustainability of the region, but no one encouraged him to go back and live in village. Running his radio mechanic and printing press business in the town of Chamba he was fortunate enought to have meet an environmentalist professor from Germany. He was working for the German government on an Indo German cash crop project for the rural mountainous region of Chamba. During their time together they always wound up discussing the future of the motherland’s ecology, environment and sustainability of this rural community.

The Professor supported the idea to start a village tourism venture so that employment can be generated for the rural community. At this time there was no tourism in the village region of India but only in the cities. Mr. Dhami recalled his love and passion of nature and ecology, specially, that he returned to his roots to share his passion with the village community. It was a stage in his life that he would refer to as “going back to nature”.

His idea was to create an authentic and real “home stay” but for this to be a honest home stay a family must run it. With this he discussed it with his wife, Sneh Lata and their children, who where still in school, and they fully support the new way of life.  With great enthusiastic efforts this venture started at the backward village of Kut-Chadiayar, P. O. Baat, Panj-la valley, District Chamba (H.P.) in 1990 and it became their principal home as well. This was the new way of life for them all and a way of life they still share with others to this day.  "Come stay with us, experienc a home away from home i.e HOME STAY".


This was a masive life change from town to living off the land in a village and at first was not as profitable as his previous business. Their relatives and friends declare Prakash and Sneh have gone mad to have started living in a village. So his family remained small but welcoming and travellers from all over the world found hospitality in an authentic form with his family looking after them.


As the world changes our carben foot print gets larger and we must change to stop global warming. As an eco friendly and sustanable home we are proud to do our part and ask the same from our guests.

We do not / nor provide the following:

Single use plastic cutlery/cups/plates of any kind
Single use soap or shampoo in plastic bottles
Plastic bottles of any kind that are not proper drinking bottles

We are proud to say we are and provide...

Cups/dishes are glass/stainless/clay/ceramic

Soap in dispensers through out rooms and property

Fresh towels at communal wash basins

Biodegradable soaps for laundry/kitchen

No use of plastic bags anywhere



Providng employment and opportunities to the local community.

Using local produce providing sustainability to the local community and village.

Helping local village community about environmental and ecological problems and how to deal with them.

Making sure all guests abide and respect local customs and sites as well as not to indulgge in any anti social activities.

Promotes local handicraft, artisans and folk artisits.

Farming organic fruit and vegetables for farm to table meals.

Working organic village farm with cattle, free range chickens and fish pond.
Proud to bring Chamba on to the global tourist map.

Active in protecting the regional flora and fauna with educating the local villages.
49 different specious of the birds are being sighted by British bird watchers.